Devotion Lost

by Mammothor

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Mammothor Returns with its 2nd album. "Devotion Lost" is heavier and more innovative than their debut "Tyrannicide"


released April 28, 2017

Vocals: Travis Lowell
Guitar: Josh Johnson
Guitar: Dana Sharpton
Bass: Dusty Mulholland
Drums: Nick Raby

Recorded at New Alliance Studios by Kyle Paradis (
Mastered at Mastersuite by Jay Frigoletto (
Art by Maurizio Piccinelli (Sabnock Design)
Photo by Matt Morse (



all rights reserved


Mammothor Boston, Massachusetts

Mammothor is an American hard rock band from Boston, Massachusetts that formed in 2012. The band’s current lineup consists of singer Travis Lowell, guitarists Josh Johnson and Dana Sharpton, bassist Lori Gangi, and drummer Nick Raby.

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Track Name: Howling Baying Jackal
Feign disorder to bait our foes
Rebel sons raze to seize control
The jackal howls upon the frontline
Our existence will be defined

Armies of the North advance into our land
Some retreat to the mountain for a helping hand
We lie to the gods that we deserve our lives
Those primed to engage know that gods deprive

Chaotic glory for tactical deceit
To encounter the snake, who doesn't know defeat
We display weakness to entice our foes
A final ambush, an empire to be overthrown

Drums of battle sounding
When the hounds of hell arrive
Axes on helmets pounding
No almighty to spare our lives

Occupy the weary mind
The unprepared will lose the fight

In the heart of darkness, hostile ground
The hands of gods will come unbound
Track Name: Skin
Will our lives ever be the same when all that's been built is erased in shame?
With all the lies of yesterday, the truth is, there's nothing left today

Past the distance
Through the distance
Can you take the stain and wash it away?

Tearing the skin
The stitches pull you back again
Break away
Before you're pulled back again

You lose one, with two to gain
This space we make breaks our gravity
If you wanted honesty
You'd shed your skin for the world to see

Grey, sagging skin mask
De-gloved, disrobed
It won't last
Track Name: Faith Healer
Faith healer; you embrace me with one hand
Faith healer; while the other one strips my worth
Deceiver; with solace you understand
Pain dealer; while you trip my feet from the Earth

Into my mind, the surface you peel
Invading the depths of what I feel

All my faith has gone away
No more tomorrow
We are lost in today
False redemption

Faith healer; you've led your sheep astray
Faith healer; when you told them they are saved
Creed cheater; with false integrity
Fake leader; counterfeit, thief (hopes betrayed)

You paint a lonely picture
My portrait of confusion
Lost in your ancient scripture
My journey to delusion

You've crossed all my bridges
And left a burning trail
You make all my decisions
I cast off with tattered sails

Paths to redemption
Clash with your palisade
No salvation secured in your faith
Track Name: Shadows of Oblivion
We sail into the deepest grooves
Isolated voyage to the furthest moon
Tethered existence, subtly frail
Radiant black, bittersweet detail

Can't find the splendor
Only distant haze
Beholder of all worlds
An abandoned daze

I came for triumph
Purvey the galaxy
Lost in its allure
And buried in its eternity

Detach the wisdom of time and space
Void of air, this suffocating place

We perish to failure's design
Strive to prevail, I decline

Death awaits
A weightless death
The silent scream of the final breath
A supernova
A memory
Track Name: Elusive Engineer
Do you prepare to dream when you fall asleep at night?
Do you concede to the idea that you can dream a better life?
Turn around
Hear the sound of someone you once knew
Your voice, a vast illusion, that your sorrow wanders through

Can you sleep with a net to catch dreams that elude you?
Can you face the day when your misfortune is the truth?
You have lost, at great cost, someone to engineer your dreams
Your absence, in a waking world, drives disillusion through the seams

Where have you gone?
Left me with a weary mind
Can you build a dream to pursue my waking eyes?
Track Name: This Is Not An Exit

Wrong way!
Go back from whence you came
Go on, and save your breath
Just turn and walk away
Written past's been read, the future's ahead
Sleepwalking narcosis, somnambulism sway

We say, "Just look what you became!"
Sweet smell of excess; rotten, shameful truth decay
Caught in a stranglehold, when all's been told
Staring into the light, your mind, an altered state


Get out!
This is not an exit!
Track Name: Generation Thief
"Generation thieves," they call my friends and I
"Sound dealers,
Travelers of time"
We'll invade your lives with our discoveries
Locked generation
We hold the keys

Your decades lost we'll resurrect for you
That classic sound, packaged good as new
If you seek nostalgia in modern waves
Hear the whine of the corporate slaves

Through audio thunder you will learn our names
Explorers deal in wonder
Past generation, we claim

Phonic beholder
Debris from decimated times
Compelled to thievery (my friends and I)
Our endeavors, through your memory
To unearth the past and its virtuosity

You chase the future and I'll track the past down
You escape the future and drown in the past now
You chase the future and I'll track the past down
We erase the present to forbid its vapid sound
Track Name: Blood-Soaked Candy Heart
Echo of a heartbeat
The dull sound of a mundane life
Essence of vitality fades out before those hungry eyes

Hot damn! This flavor's contagious!
(My blood-soaked candy heart)
Good God! This flavor's contagious!
(Just a taste of my work of art)

A piece of this life
It's up to you
Is there "nothing you would rather do"?

All eyes are upon me
The brightest light is only mine
Searching for that perfect beat: an anthem for my Valentine

The hour has arrived now
A sweet to the sweet I can allow

So tell the truth: there is nothing you would rather do!
Track Name: Tyrannicide [Reprise]
You give pearls to swine, baby
See the dust they create
The hands you've been shaking lately
The same hands that deal the world away

You tell the public lies of your private ties
They ignore our cries
We commit tyrannicide

Build gallows today
Tomorrow, watch their feet sway
Take freedom for a ride
We commit tyrannicide

She's a spinning head, a rubber face
Better turn around and take the race
A morbid disguise, with a pompous style
Hard intentions, with a molded smile

Mask to mask, we can see the one
Press our heads on a smoking gun
Lies to lies, we find a lesser swine
The system's ready to be undermined
Track Name: Pillar Of Simeon
Preach upon your stone vessel
Your agony ascends you to the sky
Starve upon your burdened castle
Senseless endurance deems you superior to I

Find him tripping off the lowest star
The pillars of man can only reach so far

You can open your eyes, and walk below
Or you can close your mind, and stand on the pole
When the orphan cries, and the beggars clone
I won't spare the time to stare upon your stone

Sacrifice captivates the masses
A bane form neglects the human plight
Deformed shadows, above the highest classes
Brilliant visions lost, without balanced insight

Say a prayer tonight
Keep yourself upright
Mind a fool's advice: pay the final price